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The art gallery of Headstart is a sanctuary of creativity, showcasing the brilliance of young minds. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the boundless imagination and talent nurtured within our walls. It is a testament to our commitment to fostering artistic expression and celebrating the beauty of innovation.

Why Choose Us?


At Headstart, robotics program epitomizes excellence, fostering innovation and critical thinking as we prepare our young minds for the future.


At Headstart, Project-based learning fosters a deeper interest in the subject matter by connecting classroom content to real-life applications, making learning more engaging and relevant.


At Headstart, we ensure guaranteed international acceptance, paving the way for your global academic aspirations.


At Headstart, we prioritize sports, nurturing strategic thinking and problem-solving skills that set the foundation for future achievements


At Headstart, we emphasize teaching real-life skills to prepare students for success beyond the classroom and in every aspect of their live


Join Headstart, the top IB school, where our innovative curriculum and dedicated faculty ensure a premier educational experience for every student.



Headstart provides an exceptional range of academic pathways, featuring IB, Cambridge, Edexcel, and Matriculation programmes, designed to inspire excellence and achieve outstanding results.


At Headstart, our sports offerings are nothing short of extraordinary, featuring everything from exhilarating soccer competitions to engaging chess matches that inspire and challenge students.


Headstart is the perfect stage for musicians, vocalists, performers and debaters to shine, offering a dynamic platform where each talent can thrive and achieve excellence


Headstart School boasts world-class facilities, including state-of-the-art science and food and nutrition labs, fostering hands-on learning and innovation. Our equipped computer and robotics systems ensure students stay at the forefront of technology. The upgraded libraries provide a vast collection of resources, promoting a culture of reading and research.

Latest News

August 20, 2022
Mir Yasir’s MY-9: A Triumph in Automotive Ingenuity

In the realm of high school achievements, some moments transcend typical academic...

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July 20, 2022
Students Acceptances

 Our early applicants for the class of 2024 have already received some...

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June 18, 2022
Gulmohar CAIE Distinctions 2024

Headstart Gulmohar celebrated excellence in academics on 2nd February.  Muhammad Ibrahim Awan...

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July 2, 2024
Graduation Ceremony Kuri 2024

The graduation ceremony at Headstart, Kuri Campus, was a magnificent tale of...

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July 2, 2024
An Enchanting Night of Drama and Dreams – Kuri Campus

The Drama Fest at Kuri Campus featuring “The Lion King” was nothing...

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