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CEO's Message

At Headstart School, we benchmark ourselves against the best schools in the world. Over 32 years this philosophy has led us to create an iconic Robotics program, rivalled only by top Pakistani universities, motivated us to become an IB World Continuum School, and send graduates to top universities across the world. Our motto “Non Sine Virtute” — not without courage — guides our educational mission.

At Headstart, we value courage, integrity, and service, ensuring these principles are ingrained in every aspect of our schooling experience. Our Honour Code, which promotes academic integrity and personal accountability, is evidence of our commitment to shaping students who are not only scholastically proficient but are also ethical and responsible individuals.

We celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures that form the rich heritage of Pakistan, as well as the vibrant international community that resides in our capital and twin cities – our scholars are raised to be open-minded, culturally grounded world citizens, ready to tackle global challenges with courage and a profound respect for their roots.

We continue to draw inspiration from the natural beauty around us, cultivating a love and connection to the environment through green learning spaces, sustainable and eco-aware policies, and directly teaching ecological stewardship.

Headstart School is a family with strong community values, where many of our alumni have returned to us as parents, teachers and mentors. Headstart School is where the lionhearted are raised.

Warm Regards

Mrs. Naznin Murtaza
CEO Headstart School

Mission & Philosophy

To design an education which has its core a commitment to teaching humanism and nurturing moral

courage, alongside all the skills required for meaningful local citizenship and global fluency in the

21st century.

To promote lifelong learning and scientific inquiry by using natural and social phenomenon around

us as live texts, teaching students how to tune into and learn from their environment.

To create a program of study that is authentically Pakistani yet celebrates the incredible wealth of

diversity found globally.

To share what we learn; discuss what we know; and disclose where we struggle.