Sports & Athletics

Martial Arts

Martial Arts has numerous benefits, including enriched self-esteem, confidence building, developing discipline, self-defense, as well as strengthening the mind and body. A multi-purpose hall is designed to cater to students of all ages.


Athletics is knows for developing individual qualities of solidarity, determination, responsibility, physical endurance, commitment, as well as, personal and emotional well-being. Headstart holds an annual Sports Day, with the four houses competing against each other, in a range of athletic competitions, from shot put to discus throw.


Soccer is a great way to boost competitiveness and team spirit. It is also one of the most effective ways to star physically fit. Headstart has two soccer teams, the Boys’ Team and the Girls’ Team. The boys’ team has annual fixtures with Chandbagh and ISOI. While the girls’ team has qualified for and taken part in the football Nationals, as well as, engaging and securing victories in regular fixtures against ISOI, LAS and LCS. Furthermore, Headstart has taken part in and hosted the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Football Championships for three years running, in collaboration with Islamabad Football Association.


Volleyball helps develop dexterity, flexibility, reaction time, agility, as well as, upper and lower body strength. The campus has a volleyball court for students ages 8 and above. Headstart also ensures an experienced coach is on hand to train the students. Headstart Volley Team takes part in fixtures all year round, including inter-house tournaments and friendly matches, as well as, inter-school fixtures like Headstart-ISOI matches. Recently, the girls’ team took part in the LUMS Sports Fest in Lahore, and won.


Headstart has two cricket teams, a boys’ team, and a girls’ team. Both teams engage in year-round fixtures against Chandbagh, as well as, inter-house matches. Headstart holds an annual Faculty vs. Students match, as well as, a Parents vs. Students match.


Basketball helps shape durability, improve balance and synchronization, develop focus, learn self-discipline and build muscle strength. A purpose-built basketball court is available inside the campus. The Headstart Basketball team conducts and takes part in numerous fixtures throughout the year, with CCKK, ISOI, LAS, Chandbagh, as well as, Inter-house tournaments.


It is an ancient, ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and adoption of particular bodily poses, is commonly practiced for fitness and relaxation. It can be suitable for children of all age groups. And they can greatly benefit from practicing it.


Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme that involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. Zumba is upbeat and fun. It teaches kids coordination and flexibility, as well as, keeps them physically fit. Moreover, it has been known to alleviate stress. Headstart School offers Zumba classes to its students, with carefully designed routines for different age groups.