O9 Campus

Building No. 803, Street No. 8/2, B Block, NPF O9, Islamabad.                             +92 51 8350364-65

The primary motive of Headstart O9 is to prepare each student to learn, grow, and thrive in the 21st Century. To accomplish this, the administration, faculty, staff, and community work together to provide experience based environment for an essential student growth. Designed by professionals – through an integrated curriculum, students are given opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills that will develop their potential as active life-long learners.

In the process, we provide our students with the instructional art based resources, a rich learning environment which is conducive to equitably serve, nurture and educate every student to become an empowered, socially and culturally conscious resource – who is a knowledgeable, respectful, positively contributing member of the society. They are taught to make applied decisions based on their educational experience at Headstart, by enabling them to grow at their own rate in an inquisitive atmosphere of dynamic interchange and by providing individual and personalized approach for their academic, cultural and social enrichment. We believe and value that each child is different and has differentiated learning levels. It is also recognized that all teachers are vital sources of support and are determinant in the success of their students. It is their passion that helps us provide the right environment, for which seeing is believing.

Headstart is committed to providing safe and secure premises. We have trained armed guards with razor wired surroundings and 24 hour CCTV control room coverage. We value that you bring your most precious asset to us and take pride in this responsibility.

One of the unique aspects of Headstart School is the emphasis on a strong attachment to our history, our legendary heroes. On the contrary, it is a vibrant contemporary place of learning. We do believe, however, that to appreciate fully the aims and ethos of the school and society at large one should have an appreciation of its history.

We Believe in the 3i Philosophy at O9;

Intellect: While at Headstart School, students will be able to explore, develop, and master skills and knowledge over time. Students will demonstrate: · Curiosity · Mastery · Continuous Learning

Interconnectedness: While at Headstart School, students will develop an understanding of themselves and an openness to Headstart’s diverse cultures, thereby enriching and strengthening society. Students will demonstrate: · Cultural Understanding · Global Knowledge · Social Responsibility

Integrity: While at Headstart School, students will be supported in being honest, respectful to all, and will be given opportunities to demonstrate personal responsibility. Students will demonstrate: · Honesty · Respect

We believe that the key to igniting the joy of learning is in building meaningful relationships with our students, parents, and community because we need to work in partnership to give the best to our children.


Principal, O-9 Branch