Grades: Description of work at Headstart

95-100 Masterful work that is insightful, creative and elegant; work marked by excellence in achievement, approach, execution
90-94 Clearly excellent work marked by original thinking, clear mastery of process or content, sophisticated by a rigorous thorough approach
85-89 Very good work that is enhanced by originality of approach and style, and by particularly successful engagement with topics, issues and skills
80-84 Strong work marked by serious and successful engagement with the task, process or topic, by mastery of skills, process and content, by solidity of achievement
75-79 Successful work marked by strong engagement with the task, process or topic, by sound skills, content and process, but limited by elements of execution or scope
70-74 Work that is essentially sound in most respects, but hindered by problems of logic, content, procedure, or execution
65-69 Marginal work limited by basic weaknesses or deficiencies in logic, content, procedure, or execution
60-64 Minimally acceptable work marked by serious error, inappropriate logic or style, ineffective application of skills
55-59 Work marked by grievous error, inadequate application of skills, or insufficient knowledge
50-54 Work marked by lack of engagement, shallowness of approach, profound confusion