Grade Levels


Our Montessori at F7 starts at playgroup which caters to the age group of two plus. The little ones mostly have been living with parents learn to stay away from them for a couple of hours in the safe learning environment.

Montessori 1:

Montessori 1 is for children who have turned 3 in September. At this level they start developing their motor skills, learn through Montessori material and begin learning to write the alphabet and numbers. They start blending three letter words.

Montessori 2:

Students are admitted in Montessori 2 at the age of 4. They start reading and learning how to manage some basic blends and digraphs. We make sure that public speaking skills and they are prepared for simple public speaking events such as powerpoint presentations in front of parents or performance where they are supposed to speak up.


By the time a child reaches the preparatory level at the age of 5, he or she learns to write sentences and start reading independently. Prep is a formally structured class. The idea of hands-on learning still remains the same.

Grade 1:

When they get to Grade 1 at the age of 6, they are all set to join the mainstream and have acquired basic social skills. They are able to read fluently, write independently and think critically. They are well spoken by now and as baby birds once trained to fly away to explore and succeed, our little children are moved to Headstart F6 Branch to Grade 2.