F-8 Middle Years Campus

H#4, Nazimuddin Road, F-8/1, Islamabad                                                                                     +92 51 846 5946

Headstart 4NDR is a middle school, catering to students of Grades 6, 7 and 8. We take pride in the professionalism of our staff and their commitment to provide quality education by developing the required attitudes and enthusiasm for learning in our students and working with each individual learner to grow and explore her/his potential fully.

Being a small set up, we are able to monitor our students very closely and ensure that no student gets lost in the crowd. There are four sections at each grade level and between 18 to 24 students in each section. The teacher to student ratio is 1:7. Besides the teaching staff, Principal, and Accounts Officer, the branch has an Academic Coordinator and a Students’ Affairs Coordinator. NDR, in short, is a closely knitted community with clear roles assigned to all its members but where everyone is seen helping each other out to ensure the success of the cohesive whole.

Since we deal with young adolescents, we are cognizant of the fact that students of this age group experience dramatic social, emotional, physical and cognitive changes and require special instructional, curricular and administrative adjustments to facilitate learning. We honour the developmental uniqueness of these young adults by helping them see their teachers as mentors and emerge as active and responsible learners in an environment that is safe, personalized and conducive to developing essential academic and life skills.

While encouraging our students to strive for academic excellence, we also guide them to develop their individual potential and talent to the fullest. They take part in a range of extra and co curricular activities and are offered a diverse range of opportunities from sports to dramatics to debates to many more. Students have no trouble finding something they take pleasure and pride participating in. All these activities are carefully structured, aimed at developing holistic personalities and motivated, engaged learners, leading to a happier and cohesive school. Taking part in a number of inter school events, our students provide us many beautiful opportunities to celebrate their and our success in Academics, Sports, Art, Debates and a range of other fields. But most importantly, we instill in them the belief and the drive that rather than being in competition with others, each one of them is in constant competition with herself/himself.

With constant cooperation and support of the parents, we work consistently to foster positive attitudes among our students to help them build and maintain an outlook that supports their pursuit of satisfaction and success.

Principal, 4, Nazimmuddin Road. F-8/1- Islamabad