F8 A Level/IGCSE Branch

H#34, Kaghan Road, F-8/4, Islamabad                                                                                       +92 51 843 9945

Headstart School IGCSE /A levels is a branch of Headstart School which is one of Islamabad’s leading independent coeducational schools .We believe in educating students to communicate and negotiate; think critically; live with dignity, care and compassion; and respect others and the environment. While Headstart draws on and learns from the past, our focus is very much on the future. We strive to challenge young minds and equip our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to be contributing citizens of the 21st century. Headstart allows students to experience differences in learning styles, personalities, strengths, talents and perspectives. This prompts a greater acceptance of individuality, coupled with an inclusive culture across all areas of school life. Our extensive academic, co-curricular, wellbeing and pastoral care programs empower students to chart their preferred educational paths, explore individual interests, and enjoy rich learning experiences with excellence in teaching, learning and caring.

Headstart is unique that our faculty members are full time teachers. This means that the students can not only approach them during the classes but that they are also available to help the students outside of the classrooms. This is a unique model in a business driven world of teaching. Most of our employees along with being teachers are also professionals in their fields. Some of them are consultants, others freelance journalists, practicing psychologist and accountants. This allows them to bring in their experience from the practical world into the world of education. This also gives a deeper insight to the students about what kind of professional opportunities are available in the different fields that they are being taught.

A commitment to students’ learning is central to our thinking and planning. Our team of HODs, Curriculum Coordinator and I assist teaching staff in catering for students’ strengths and needs, and provides a supportive, friendly environment in which students may learn. For students requiring extra support, class teachers work with the leadership of the school to assess learning progress and develop suitable teaching strategies. Our academic efforts and strategies have helped us to produce outstanding grades and distinctions in CI Examinations for the past many years.

Headstart supports students as they chart their own educational paths while exploring their interests and passions. We do this through the lens of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion, coupled with an understanding of how these values in action translate into the five core areas of Learning, Diversity, Relationships, Integrity and Autonomy.

The House system is central to Pastoral Care at Headstart, providing students with a strong sense of community and the opportunity to build positive relationships. Staff members belong to a specific House as mentors and head mentors, which enable them to build up a sense of familiarity with students in their groups. Students participate in many House activities, including Debating, Sports, Chess, Math and Science competitions. Clubs and Societies are additional avenues where students can participate and pursue their passions.

Our Guidance Counseling Team works tirelessly to meet with each student as often as possible. Our philosophy of counseling is based on the recognition of the dignity and worth of each student from IGCSE to A-Levels. We begin meeting with students as early as 9th grade and continue this throughout their A-Levels. In addition to our work with each student, we offer a series of educational events for students and families to attend at Headstart. Each year, we invite university representatives from the US, Canada, UK, and around the world. Additionally, the Counseling department uses its links within the industry to connect students with employers. This has enabled our students to intern during the summer in various organizations such as Mobilink, PPAF, and the UN. Headstart students have attended summer schools at MIT, Brown, Oxford, George Washington and NUS. Our comprehensive program has enabled Headstart students to secure admission in some of the top universities in the world. From Cambridge University to McGill, our students have embarked on their university journey in all corners of the world. It is an honor, unmatched by any other school in the twin-cities; more than 90% of Headstart students that applied abroad have secured admissions at the universities of their choice in 2016.

Headstart has a team of practicing psychologist, mentors and head mentors who identify and support students with emotional and psychological needs. We have endeavored to create a service that is responsive to students’ needs; students may access the service directly or via their teachers, mentors and head mentors.

At Headstart, our IT department ensures that all the teachers, students and parents take maximum advantage of our online instant feedback and communicating system CANVAS while our House System and Extensive Leadership Program focuses on the development of the ‘whole person’ – intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. We are committed to providing an environment in which students become fully engaged in a range of activities in different contexts. Along with being vigilant about educational achievements we are also eager to engage the students in extracurricular and sporting activities. Full time faculty allows us to engage our teachers with different sports and clubs. This does not only get the students excited about these activities but also provides another avenue for mentorship outside of classrooms. In our experience we have noticed that participating in certain activities and events increases exponentially if a faculty member is also engaged in it. We are fully committed to provide a warm, caring and supporting environment for our students to reach their full potential academically and in all other aspects of their lives. We look forward to an exciting, engaging and rewarding experience for anyone who becomes a part of Headstart community.

Principal, Headstart School F-8/4 Kaghan Road