MYP Community Project on Child Abuse

MYP Community Project on Child Abuse.



The goal that we addressed for our MYP4 Community project was to create a comic strip on child abuse to change behaviors of our society by publishing it on the website of any related organization and distribute it to the parents via email. We decided to work on spreading a positive message about child abuse, to change the perspectives of our society on the topic. Discussion on topics like these is considered taboo in Pakistan, and we wanted to create a project that would help people understand how important it is to talk about social issues that affect children all over the world. We chose to use social media as a platform to spread awareness by creating 3 comic strips, each with a different storyline and a meaningful moral. We reached out to two non-profit organizations and requested them for their platform so we could reach out to more people. We held a Seminar for the school teachers, in collaboration with one of the organizations, known as Rozan. Our project aims to show the impact that child abuse of any form (verbal, sexual, and cyber) can have on a child’s mental and physical health.

~Khushi Pokharel, Isra Ajmal, Abdul Wahab Saquib