Internship Feedback

Headstart School Interns Receive Excellent Feedback from Serena Hotels



Headstart School believes in holistic preparation of students for the practical world. Three talented students from Headstart School interned with Serena Hotels Islamabad during the months of June and July 2019 and experienced the enormous efforts invested by Serena Hotels to consistently make it the best Hotel of Pakistan. Javeria Karim, Nausherwan Khan, and Zain Zafar Koreshi learned how housekeeping, engineering, Human Resource Management, customer services, quality assurance, food & beverages, all work together in harmony to deliver valuable service to the customer. The students were rotated and assigned tasks in nine departments of the Hotel to give them a glimpse of the subtleties of the hotel industry. After extensive training from 9 am to 6 pm, Mondays to Saturdays, all three students realized how demanding as well as dynamic the hospitality industry is. All three Headstart School interns received outstanding performance feedback from their supervisor Mr. Malik Ghulam Jillani.

Overall I had a very unique and inspiring learning experience at Islamabad Serena Hotels. I was introduced to the work of very dedicated professionals knowledgeable in their fields. I would be honored to have the opportunity to work here again in the future. Nausherwan Khan Nausherwan

I will always remember all the new lessons learned, and especially how to adopt the strong work ethic of all Serena employees in my own routine and work. Javaria Karim Javeria Karim

The involvement of nearly every single employee, in managing hotel events, helped me to learn what teamwork and dedication really look like in a large and reputable organisation such as Serena Hotels. Zain Zafar Koreshi Zain Zafar