Here at Headstart College Counseling Department we work together with our students to help them achieve their future ambitions in term of the best subject and university selection.

From the very start we sit with our students and help them understand their potential at finding the best fit for their abilities and aspirations. We have students ranging from different backgrounds looking to find their next step in the academia and here at Headstart it starts with the basic subject selection at IGCSE level and ends with the best offers from universities in Pakistan and all around the globe.

Our goal is to shape our students with all the necessary skills and proficiencies that will enable them to achieve a place in their dream school! Our team of dedicated counselors help the students in every stage of their application process and guide them thoroughly preparing them for what lies ahead. Due to sheer hard work and dedication, our students land up great scholarships around the world.

Headstart students have made their mark in many prestigious universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and around the world.

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