Clubs & Societies

Arts & Drama Collective

Headstart has a vibrant arts community with some highly talented students pursuing their interests and exploring their artistic abilities. Students at Headstart have a wide range of options in the areas of theater, music and arts. They’re at liberty to pursue a specifically designed curriculum in their preferred area.

Headstart Dialectics

Debating is a fun and educational extra-curricular activity, as well as, a powerful tool students need to equip themselves with. The Headstart Debating Society plays a huge role in introducing students to the world of competitive debating, specifically Parliamentary debates and MUNs. It is also a great and effective mode of equipping students with reasoning abilities and current affairs. Students get to debate on topics ranging from international relations or moral dilemmas, to drafting foreign and economic policies of nations. Headstart also hosts its own Parliamentary Debating competition, as well as, Model United Nations, Model United Nations, HSMUN.

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club serves a dual purpose. Firstly, to supplement IGCSE Food and Nutrition, which is an official course offering, and secondly, to improve the students culinary knowledge and skills. Cooking classes are short courses that aim to provide ideas and hands-on experience in specific areas related to food preparation, food presentation, and food appreciation. Also, the Club encourages cultural awareness in the students as most classes deals with international cuisines. Aside from that, there are times when your fellow student has a different cultural background. By interacting with your peers and digesting every information presented, you will learn a lot of things about other cultures.

Robofort Center

The Robofort Centre for Engineering and Robotics has been in operation since 2003. The objective is to bring excitement in the science curriculum and improve the critical thinking andtechnology scores of our students. The Centre teamed up with a US based Company, PCS Edventures which specializes in Project Based Learning (PBL) Methodologies. Headstart School offers its Robotics program from prep to A Level. Our mission is to enable students to become inventors, scientists and thinkers from an early age so they are able to inculcate problem solving and can participate in local/global issues. We do this by creating a fun learning environment. Our objective is to help students develop learning skills such as research, analytical thinking and curiosity about the world around them and to also let them enjoy the process of learning. Headstart participates in and hosts, HSRC (Headstart School Robotics Competition), which included workshops as well. Moreover, Headstart co-hosted Robo-Sprint, a National Robotics competition, in collaboration with CASE.

Community Service

Headstart offers its students the opportunity to give back to the community in an engaging and empowering way. Community service fosters personal growth and self-esteem, it nurtures empathy and self-efficacy. Headstart is proud to not only produce bright students, but also, individuals that form integrals part of the community, with important values of civic responsibility, productivity and sustainability.