Chaklala Branch

House#213, Street#12, Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi                                                   +92 51 515 3384

Headstart Chaklala branch inaugurates in August 2017 to cater to the learning needs of young children of this locality. We realize the importance of early years education and know that the traits developed in the beginning few years of a child’s life take them a long way. With this in mind we inspire our learners to be not only well informed but also have balanced personalities. We work with equal dedication towards their character building and the vision of bringing up better human beings. Rather than being fixed and finite, intelligence and talent expands and grows, given the right encouragement. So we aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive by giving them ample opportunities in sports and creative pursuits. We believe in cultivating intelligence and talent.

Our competent team of teachers are there to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. Our teachers are trained to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inculcating life skills in the impressionable children and appreciating their smallest efforts with generosity and broadness of vision.

Overall our aim is to ensure that when our students eventually leave school, they will do so as confident and caring young people who are creative, collaborative, and committed to their learning. Our values of respect, integrity, curiosity, and excellence are behind everything we do as a faculty and school.

Yours sincerely,

Principal, Chaklala Branch