About Headstart School- F7 Montessori Campus

Headstart Montessori has been considered as a safe, secure and well-reputed educational institute in the capital. Mrs. Murtaza started a drive through school within her house in Islamabad 27 years ago. It all began with the idea of parents driving in from one gate dropping the child and driving out to the other. It was then and early years Montessori which is now evolved into the best institution in education sector. Headstart has been pioneers in setting up an institute that matched the international standards in terms of curriculum as well as the classroom set up.

At Headstart, the Montessori classroom is filled with opportunities for children that lead to success.

The lessons are created, designed and executed in a manner which allows the child to learn from exploration besides finding his own solutions to issues independently. Even the smallest success such as pouring or lacing is celebrated and builds self-confidence and independence. Children are given choices and responsibility that they have sufficient ownership in their classroom. Each child learns to lead, follow and how to choose.

We believe that knowing one’s own abilities along with self-confidence creates a desire to find new challenges and clears a path for lifelong learning.

Educational Goals

At Headstart Montessori we:

  • Create a friendly ,safe and secure environment based on child-centered educational approach
  • Create centers -literacy, math, practical life skills, sensorial and culture.
  • Create in the child sense of independence, self discipline, concentration, motivation and sensitivity to things around him/her.
  • Focus on one- one learning.
  • Focus extensively on reading and spoken skills.
  • Encourage the child’s inborn love of learning by helping them observe, explore question ideas which help them and power and a healthy sense of self confidence.
  • Educate children with lessons focused on hands on learning, more of activity-based learning which play a vital role in the development of their social skills, emotional growth, physical growth as well as cognitive preparation.
  • Help the child develop courtesy,grace and kindness.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Focus on hygiene and health.

All levels also include:

  • Language development both spoken and written.
  • Fine and gross motor development through activities indoor and outdoor.
  • Music ,Art and sports all incorporated within the curriculum and also as after school activity.