Qandeel colony near MTBC Bagh AJK                                                                                           

Dear Parents/Guardians, and Students,

MTBC (Medical Transcription and Billing Company), a healthcare IT company, was started by Mr. Mehmud Haq, in New Jersey, USA, around 2000.In 2008 Mr. Haq brought his company to Bagh. The company established its high tech center and gave employment to thousands of educated and skilled people of the area. Over the years MTBC has become a landmark company and a landmark compound.

In this compound the MTBC recently sponsored the setup of Headstart School and our classes commenced on 1st September, 2022, to a vibrant community of 770 students, 62 teachers, 13 members of administration staff and local families. Headstart Bagh was formally inaugurated on 4th October, 2022, by the Ambassador of United States to Pakistan, Mr. Donald Arwin Blome, who graciously accepted to do the honors on Mr. Mehmud’s invitation.

Our Bagh Campus is prepared to become a leading school in Kashmir. Our faculty and staff are committed to ensure that students have a rigorous, engaging and fulfilling learning experience everyday. Headstart envisions fostering a courageous community of lifelong learners, distinguished by our values, committed to building a more compassionate and equitable society. Now with the same zeal, vision and immense pride, we are delighted to welcome you all to our new venture here at Bagh.

Our sponsor MTBC has enabled Headstart Bagh with state of the art facilities. The school is fully equipped with modern technology aids, science and IT laboratories, multimedia’s and smart boards in classrooms, and creative instructional spaces to enable active learning.

Furthermore, our emphasis is on English language development, the medium of instruction, with the help of Rosetta Stone Programme. Therefore, a fantastic language lab has been established with 50 computers which are equipped with the Rosetta Stone language programme. This language learning is dovetailed into the curriculum for both students and teachers.

Robotics is a discipline that provides and facilitates young learners with knowledge related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics(STEM). It teaches logical thinking while stimulating creativity and becoming familiar with the operation of programmable bricks.

Teaching in Headstart School is designed to ensure learning activities are hands-on and experiential that build on conceptual understanding and its application to real life examples.

We encourage reflective learning here at Headstart, a process that helps students to become active learners by asking questions and thinking critically about their own ideas.This can be a private process that a student undertakes through personally setting milestones and strategies, or is supervised by our teachers guided mentorship.

We hope to keep you abreast of all the activities through monthly newsletter. You are however, most welcome to book appointments to meet with the principal/ coordinator or teachers as and when required.

Principal, Headstart Bagh Branch.