School Fees

Admission Fee:

a) A one-time Admission Fee (non-refundable) will be paid by all new students in full within two weeks of confirmation of enrollment. b) Admission fee is non-refundable once the student has started attending the school. c) If a child has not attended the school even for one day then Admission Fee up to 75% can be refunded. d) Once paid in full, parents working in Armed Forces of Pakistan, will not be charged Admission Fee again for the same child for re-admission who were withdrawn owing to their posting to a city where Headstart School’s branch does not operate. This is applicable only to the readmissions on or after June 01, 2015. 


Tuition Fee:

a) For new students Tuition fee is paid for the full month irrespective of the date of joining in that month. b) Students proceeding on Summer Break must have all dues cleared for the session prior to commencement of Summer Break. c) Tuition Fee reflected in Annexure – A is for the whole session. Parents can choose to pay in the following break up.

a. One Installment Annually; or b. Two installments Six Monthly; or c. Four installments Quarterly

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