Headstart Robofort Center For Engineering and Robotics


The Headstart Robofort Centre for Engineering and Robotics is based in Kuri Campus. It was founded by Mr. Najib Murtaza, and hence set the ball rolling for school level Robotics for the first time in Pakistan. Technical support came from PCS Edventures USA. Mr. Murtaza’s vision and able guidance, helped forge a comprehensive Robotics program, merging concepts of technology, engineering, communications, math, problem-solving and team skills into the existing curriculum. It utilized the Project Based Learning approach which is a world-renowned benchmarked instructional practice, whereby children learn in a setting that combines theoretical and practical work. Headstart School established the Mechatronics Lab in Air University under Sir. Najib’s and Ms. Saadia’s supervision.

Headstart School has the honor of collaborating with the top universities of Pakistan. In 2014 , we worked as partners with CASE to host RoboSprint’14. Later, in 2016 , we launched our first Headstart School Robotics Competition for schools & universities from all over Pakistan. In 2017 , we collaborated with EME-NUST to host NERC; which is one of the biggest Robotics Competition in Pakistan. This year, in 2018 , Headstart School worked with GIKI to host the Lego category (in Figure 8 module) for schools and universities at the IEEE-NEO’18. Recently, Headstart School worked in collaboration with CEME-NUST to host the Modular category for schools in NERC 2018.

Our students have been winning the top positions at different platforms including HSRC, NERC, IEEE-NEO, NASCON, FLL, RoboSprint and PSIFI.



To enable kids to become makers, scientists, inventors, and thinkers from an early age so they are able to inculcate a mindset of problem-solving and can solve local and global problems. We do this by creating a fun learning environment.


To help students develop learning skills such as analytical thought, research, and curiosity about the world around them and to let them enjoy the process of learning.



  • Learn how to behave in a Project Based Learning class.
  • Learn how to manipulate Lego equipment– this develops essential motor skills.
  • They develop imagination and analytical skills.
  • Their co-operative and competitive skills are enhanced.


  • Academically, Robotics gives boost to Math, Physics, Science and Technical skills of the students.


Headstart runs a successful Robotics Program as part of curriculum in all branches of Headstart excluding F-8(KGR) and Scheme III.

Early years – Bricklab

  • Communication
  • Construction Engineering
  • Maths
  • Physics

Primary Years

  • Simple & Compound Machines
  • Power Transfer Systems
  • Basic Electronics

Middle Years

  • Gear Train Series
  • Electronics
  • Lego Mindstorm – NXT & EV3 (building & programming)
  • Lego WeDo 2.0 (building and programming)


Each branch holds its annual robotics exhibition in the first & second terms (based on the given schedule).


After school robotics club at the following branches exclusively for Headstart students to prepare them for different competitions and to develop and enhance their programming skills.

  • Kuri Campus (Sir. Ali & Ms. Saadia)
  • F-8 (4NDR) branch (Sir. Ali & Ms. Saadia)
  • GTR branch (Ms. Qurat)


Headstart is the only school in Pakistan to conduct / host a national level Robotics competition. Participation in HSRC is a source of inspiration for the students and it provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents. They share the ideas of robot design and manufacturing. They get the opportunity to display their innovative abilities and the achievements of their institution.


We have conducted training workshops for other institutes including EMS High School Islamabad, Beaconhouse Senior branch and ISOI during HSRC.


Every year, Headstart holds its robotics summer camp in Islamabad and now in GTR branch. The camp is divided into three slots based on the age groups, starting from grade 1 onwards.