Message from the Head of MYP

We at Headstart Kuri strongly endorse the IB MYP program as an excellent, rigorous and progessive course of study. Not only is the IB MYP a superior college preparatory program, being an assessment framework rather than a rigid curriculum, it allows us to select benchmarks that align with both the common core and IGCSE standards, to ensure that students experience teaching and learning that matches the highest international expectations.

In Pakistan, all students are required to complete a 10th grade qualification equivalent to matric, and to this end, we are preparing students for the MYP e-assessment which is an online examination attempted in MYP 5 or Year 10.

In order to achieve an IB – MYP certificate, students must successfully attempt 5 e-assessment exams, complete the MYP personal project, and submit 2 portfolios, for language acquisition (either French or German) and either Art, Design or PHE.

Pakistani nationals must also complete three compulsory IGCSE exams for Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies, which are not currently offered as MYP subjects by the IB. The coursework for Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies commences in MYP 3/Year 8 and students appear for their exams at the end of MYP 4/Year 9.

All students enrolled at Headstart School Kuri Campus in years 6 – 8 are considered MYP students, and are required to complete the MYP community project as a mandatory 8th grade graduation requirement.

The majority of Pakistani students are bi or tri-lingual and for many of them English is their third or fourth language. Students who already receive support to access the language of instruction, find taking on additional MYP languages, in pursuit of the MYP certificate, extremely challenging. Since Urdu is not a recognized language acquisition course, but a compulsory one nonetheless, students may opt to pursue the IGCSE certificate instead.

The MYP is also new in Pakistan and the e-assessments introduced in 2016 are still novel. We understand that many parents and families feel more comfortable with the Cambridge qualification they have grown to trust and value over the last fifty years or so. As educators, however, we feel that the IB MYP supports us to provide a more holistic, 21st century education, through its overall curriculum model, its uncompromising 21st century skills, its global outlook and it’s skill- based e-assessments and portfolios that value thinking over rote learning.

As a school we feel the IB-MYP certification blends well with our mission and vision for education.

Nadine Murtaza
Head of MYP/ MYP Coordinator
Executive Director, Headstart School