• The Primary Years Program spans from Nursery to Year 5 catering to ages 3 to 12 year olds.

  • Each grade covers six transdisciplinary themes that are set by the International Baccalaureate keeping all aspects of student learning in consideration.

  • Apart from academics, PYP incorporates concepts, skills, and attitudes and attributes enabling students to become lifelong learners.

  • Transdisciplinary lesson plans include local and global issues, enhancing student awareness and making them responsible community members.

  • All teachers in the PYP have received numerous International Baccalaureate (IB) professional development trainings.

  • Headstart School Kuri Campus is IB-PYP authorised school.

  • The school believes in establishing a strong parent-school relationship at the heart of which is student learning for which we use various softwares that allow parents to provide frequent feedback.

Pedagogical Practices

  • PYP emphasizes on students’ natural instinct for inquiry. We believe in enhancing experiential learning by allowing students to construct their own learning.

  • Students are engaged in more meaningful and authentic replications of real life situations.

  • Teacher’s role is to serve primarily as a resource to student learning and may also be a co-learner with the students as they engage with real world questions.

  • Headstart takes pride in differentiated lesson plans that have specific alternatives for individuals without assuming that one student’s road map for learning is identical to anyone else’s.

  • Although the teaching is transdisciplinary, the subjects that we offer are:

    • English

    • Personal and Social Physical Education

    • Unit of Inquiry

    • ICT

    • Math

    • Art

    • Urdu

    • Robotics

    • French

    • Music

    • Arabic

    • Library

    • History, Geography, Science,  Social Studies, and Economics are taught in complete connection to the Unit of Inquiry

  • We offer a strong reading program which provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students and develops their foundational language skills.

Academic and Behavioral Intervention Support – ABIS

  • Headstart PYP is a school that believes in inclusion by providing professionally trained therapists for children with learning differences.

  • The ABIS program offers three levels of support, namely; full time shadow support, pull out sessions, and remedial/adaptive plans based on the students’ needs.

  • An Individual Educational Plan is developed and implemented for each student in their classrooms.

  • All the ABIS therapists are Registered Behavioral Technicians – BACB (www.bacb.com) and Certified Play Therapists – Sonrise Program – U.S.

  • The school lays strong emphasis on maintaining global ratio of typical and atyplical children in the mainstream classroom which is 2:12