International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition


Mohammad Ismail Faisal, Grade 4 (F-6 branch)
NDR, Yousouf Farooq, Grade 7
Haroon Khan, Grade 8
Nirmal Memon, Grade 1 (O-9 branch)
Sereen Mehboob, Grade 2 (F-10 branch)
Zahra Kemal, Grade 5 (F-6 branch)
Alina Noor, Grade 6 (F-11 branch)

At 12:00 am

Headstart School Robotics Competition (HSRC 2016)


The year 2016 has brought more excitement and thrill for the students all over Pakistan. Participation in this event was a source of inspiration for the students and provided them with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents. They shared the ideas of robot design and manufacturing. It was a forum where they displayed their innovative abilities and the achievements […]