ABIS and Picture Autism

Embodying the values of inclusivity and differentiated learning for every student, the Academic Behavioral Support (ABIS) team, in partnership with Picture Autism, works closely with differently abled students in the PYP program at Headstart Kuri.

Applying Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each student, learning and teaching, in light of the IB Learner Profile and Transdisciplinary Themes, are tailored to students’ needs and requirements, rather than solely relying on the formal education curriculum.

The foundation of the ABIS philosophy is based on inclusivity:

  • All children belong; every child is valued equally and they can develop friendships in a nurturing environment
  • All children learn differently; we facilitate opportunities to enable them to actively learn and participate alongside their peers in meaningful ways
  • Inclusive education is a child’s right, not a privilege.

The IEPs incorporate Pre-Referrals which allow ABIS observers to determine whether a child has special needs through a series of educational interventions. Parents or doctors may also directly refer children for the program. The ABIS team will identify and continuously assess the eligibility of each child for the program, verifying whether the child requires special intervention services or minor adjustments to classroom accommodations and resources to fully benefit from the formal education setup.

Shadow Teachers work with small remedial groups to provide support and allow the child to become independent active lifelong learners. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in this program. Parent-Teacher Support groups will be set up throughout the year to better collaborate and improve learning and teaching for all students at Headstart Kuri.