Grades 6-7 inspirational wax museum projects

PYP Picnic – 12/7/17

To celebrate our PYP Authorisation, and the incredible collaboration between our faculty and school community, we held a picnic. Parents brought the food, Dheere Bolo the songs and music, and

Enthusiasm for the robotics club exceeds expectations

The most popular activity on campus, the Robotics club is now running two sessions every Friday; one for Kuri students and a second shift for students from Headstart. With nearly

PYP Verification Visit

Kuri Campus had its IB PYP verification visit last week on the 27th and 28th of September, 2017. A three person team, two of whom were physically present on campus,

Headstart School Robotics Competition (HSRC 2016)

The year 2016 has brought more excitement and thrill for the students all over Pakistan. Participation in this event was a source of inspiration for the students and provided them

Headstart School Robotics

“The most complete gift of God is a life based on knowledge”

— Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib